Thursday, May 26, 2011

What MUST I Do

We want to know, is a fun little getting to you know sponsored by the ladies on the above banner.  I know, I should totally link up to all their blogs, but I have a book on my EReader that I just must finish. 
Here are this Wednesdays (done by me on Thursday) questions. 
1.} What must you do before you go to bed at night?
I have to watch the news, through the weather, with Mr. Dazee.  If I don't, it just doesn't seem right.
2.} What is one thing you must snack on at the theater?
Lately I haven't been snacking on anything.  I would do popcorn, but they just don't put enough butter on it for my taste.  Then, if I eat popcorn, I have to buy a coke, so by the time the movie is over I have to pee so bad that I haven't enjoyed the last of the movie.  TMI?

I have to check, double check and triple check that I have my insulin.  Oh, and then pee.

I have to read blogs.  My day just isn't right if I haven't opened up my reader and read & commented.  (unlike Tuesday night when blogger was being a poopyhead and wouldn't let me comment) 

I am finding that there is a lot of things that I have to do in order. 
Brush teeth before getting into shower
Wash hair
Put on conditioner
Wash face
Rinse out conditioner
Wash body
Save legs (if they need it, more in the summer)
I could name more, but you are probably all asleep right now as it is.  So I will leave it at that. 
Now I must go. 
There is an in order of what I have to do before I walk out the door.
5.} Is there something you do that must be done in a particular order?
4.} What is one thing you must do every day?
3.} Before going on vacation what must you do?


  1. Blogger was pissing me off again the other day too with that Comment situation. I learned that if I logged into my blog(Sign-in), that I could then leave comments on other blogs as long as mine was open.
    Before I leave for vacation, I must have this house in tip-top shape or I'll be a total mess on vacation thinking about coming back to a messy house.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. You watch the news? See if I do that before bed, I have

    Love your shower regimine though...I so feel ya!

  3. I do they exact same shower regimine. I live in Florida though, so shaving every day is a must.

  4. Wow you have some routine! I remove all 6 earrings from my ears and fall into bed. That's about it.

    I bet you aren't impressed are you? :D Maybe i should blog about it too. :D

  5. Are your legs in danger? Why must you save them?

    Just kidding kiddo- I tagged you at my place.

  6. I nee to shave my legs.. seriously I ignore them but shave the other important parts lol . I know that makes no sense..

  7. bless you, carry faith, be yourself.

    love your blog.

    Check out our short story slam today,

    We love creativity, your input is valued.

    Happy Friday!
    Hope to see you in!

  8. I have a particular order to certain things too. I call it my obsessive compulsiveness. :)