Sunday, May 8, 2011

Questions From My Little Flock Of Chicks

Mothers Day.  You usually love it or hate it.  I'm of the love kind.  I know that I wasn't a perfect mother, but my kids love me.  They may not always like me, but love, I beat into them has always been there.

I asked them to each give me a question for me to answer.  I'm answering them in the order that I received them.  Mixing it up a little instead of the oldest first thing that I always do.  Anyquestions, here we go.

Gosh Justin, could you have come up with anything harder?   Ok, here it is.  National Sluff Day.  You could sluff work, school, church, anything.  Everyone allowed to sluff.  Of course, it would have to be on a weekday since most people are going places they don't necessary want to be.  When would it be?  Hmmmm, how about the 2nd Wednesday of *thinking, thinking*, August.  Yeah, that's good because I think that is the only month without a holiday.  There.  moving on.

First of all Brandon, ANY vacation would be nice.  *blowing raspberries*  I kid.  At this point in my life, I would say anywhere that I could talk, force get dad to go to.  I've actually had my thinking cap on lately, and would love to go on some kind of historical vacation.  Most likely back East.  Just being places that historical events happened would be cool.  Hopefully I won't cry my eyes out like I did when I went to Dallas and went to the grassy knoll.

These questions are getting harder.  What is it with you guys?  Dream job, dream job?  OK, here goes.  Don't laugh.  Exotic Dancer!  hahaha, gotcha.  My dream job would be living off the inheritance of my wealthy grandparents.  What?  You have to have wealthy grandparents to be able to do that?  Dang it.  I guess I will never get this one then.  In my next life, I'm going to ask for wealth.  Since I totally must have said I wanted beauty and brains in this life.

Phew, an easy question.  If I could have a superpower it would be to be able to twinkle my nose like Samantha Stevens (Bewitched for all you young'uns) and have everything just happen.  Need a new dress, DONE.  Need the clothes washed, dried, hung up or folded, DONE.  Go on the vacation of your choice, DONE.  Fix a gourmet meal without all the mess, DONE.  The list goes on and on.

Really David?  What the? After thinking long and hard, a few minutes, ok, all freaking Saturday afternoon, about this one, I have finally come up with the answer.  *clearing throat*  The Raven, quoting Edgar Allen Poe (and my non-understanding of this poem, just saying)
Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore".  (Quoth, as per, verb: another word for said)
First of all, if I have to look up a word in the dictionary in a poem, I'm not liking the poem.  Got it, moving on.
How are they alike?  I have no freaking idea.  They are nevermore?  The raven is sitting on the writing desk that is at the antique shop?  Because most people don't have a writing desks anymore, with the advent of computers?  Yeah, that sounds good.  *breathing, breathing*

What a great question.  First of all, I would go down the meat aisle and grab as much meat as possible.  Then head over to the coffee aisle and throw in tons and tons of K-cup coffees.  I guess at that point I wouldn't care which flavors, just throw those babies in.  How much time do I have left.  Gosh, I'm breathing so hard.  Think Dazee, think.  Clothes, no, shoes, no, too many different sizes and styles.  I know, the go-cart department and get a one of them for the grandkids to ride around on.  I think that is probably all the time I would have.  Then as I staggered to the finish line, I would pass out from all the running.  What?  Have you seen the size of those Super Targets?  You'd pass out too.

What fun questions they came up with.  I am so lucky that I have the children and children-in-law that I have.  As you can see, they rock!


  1. Dazee--You crack me up! What a great idea. I'd be afraid to ask my three to come up with questions. They'd ask things I totally don't want them to know the answers to. LOL. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Ok, I thought we were long lost sisters.. but when I read the wiggle the nose magic ... I knew we were.. that was something I always wanted..

  3. Happy Mothers Day mom!! I loved Dave's question BTW!!!:)

  4. Bwhahaha! You always make me grin.

    Love the Q & A session!

  5. Great questions and answers -- absolutely on the historical vaca back east and wouldn't the twinkle nose superpower be the ultimate answer to everything??? But you had me rolling on the floor with your K-Cups at Target extravaganza. I would be right there next to you!!! Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Sweet! I didn't even think of the 'wiggle nose power' as a super power. My mom had a ghetto version of that power, she'd wiggle her nose after telling me to do my chores. I didn't inherit the nose wiggle, sadly.

    I like the idea of having kids ask questions for mother's day. Hopefully my [as of yet nonexistent] kids will be as awesome.

    Oh! And David's question is from Alice in Wonderland! *happy face* But I don't know the answer. *sadface*

  7. My son says, it's because Poe wrote on both the Raven and the desk. But in actuality Lewis Caroll never had an answer to the riddle in the book Alice in Wonderland. He was just messing with our minds.

  8. Good Gawd Mama Dazee! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Thank you SO much for the belly laughing stomach ache!

  9. You are a brave woman, asking your kids for questions I'd be afraid my kids would ask me why the hell I did all the stupid things over the years.

    And I see that Virgil left a comment, but didn't offer a question - is he the one you're afraid of?

  10. What great kids! I love those questions. Almost as much as I loved those answers. Thanks for making me laugh. I needed it! m.
    Oh, I hope that you enjoyed your Mother's Day! m.

  11. Great questions & answers...even Davids LOL. Yay for K-cups I'd be grabbing those too!

  12. Ha ha loved both the questions and answers! I'm just thinking about what I'd grab if I was in Super Target. What is Super Target? A big Target? :D

  13. I would go STRAIGHT to the electronics section. Oh happy days. :)