Thursday, February 24, 2011

And She Called ME Unprofessional

Sigh.  You know when you are working away, and you are so happy to be at work (you are, right?), and the phone rings so you pick it up. 

Well, that was my day yesterday.  The following is the fine and outstanding conversation between Pleasant Dazee (PD) vs State Of Utah Employee (SOUE) 

PD:  XYZ Company (didn't you just hear the sarcasm oozing)
SOUE:  May I speak to Joe Blow (not his real name)
PD:  We have no one here by that name.....waiting......waiting......alrighty then hang up.

Ring, Ring.

PD:  XYZ Company.
SOUE:  Is this a business? (think and hear, Kathy Bates, Misery, saying Mr. Man)
PD:  Yes.
SOUE:  Well (huff, huff), I can not believe that a BUSINESS would hang up on me.  I work for the State of Utah!
PD:  Blink, blink.  (and I care because?)
SOUE:  May I please speak to a manager.
PD:  (smiling uncontrollably) I'm a manager. (silent raspberry)
SOUE:  Well, (huff, huff), I can't believe a MANAGER would hang up on me! 
PD:  What is it you need? (starting to get my panties in a wad)
SOUE:  Well, could I have someone in HR then, anyone but YOU. 
PD:  Well, I'm HR so WHAT IS IT YOU NEED? (Silently laughing my butt off cuz she still needs to talk to ME)
SOUE:  Did Joe Blow EVER work there?

sidebar:  if she wanted that information in the first place, the first time she called, before I hung up on her butt, the PROFESSIONAL way to have asked would be.  May I please talk to someone to verify employment?  Just sayin'.

PD:  Well, yeah, about 3 years ago.
SOUE:  (still bitter) Do you have any paperwork on him?
PD: (No lady, I don't keep crap like that, duh) Yes, please hold while I go get his file.
..................... holding ..................... telling co-workers what a B she is .................. looking for paperwork...............she's still holding..............Did I mention we don't have music on hold.....  :) ..........

PD:   Was that Joe Blow or Joe Blue?
SOUE:  (spitting fire at me)  Blow
PD:  What is it you would like to know.
SOUE:  A date of last employed.
PD:  That would be blah, blah, blah, 2008.
SOUE:  Do you know where he went?
PD:  (rolling eyes).  NO (and furthermore, do I care)
SOUE:  Was he fired?
PD:  Yes.  Last I heard he had moved to California.
SOUE:  Ok, Bye.

Ok, bye.  WTH?  You just ruined my afternoon, made me want to hit you, and all you can say is ok, bye?  

Oh well, such is life.

On a lighter note, only 10 more months till Christmas Day. :)