Friday, February 25, 2011

This Weeks Random Thoughts

Because it is snowing, yet again, I could have done a Frack You Friday.  But you know what.  You don't want anymore whiny posts from me this week.  Instead, you are getting the random things going on in my brain.  Be scared.

I am so happy that the growth in my daughter-in-law's throat was not cancer.  That was a long 2 weeks of waiting to find out. 

I am so proud that Miss L and Mr C are such sweet souls.   Miss L saw a boy that was being yelled at by the others kids at recess,  because he "ruined their game", off walking around by himself so she went off and walked with him and just let him talk.  Mr C during snack time in his class noticed that one of the boys was off sitting by himself and he went over to him and brought him back to sit by him in the group.  They are now friends. 

I am happy that I have the coolest husband ever. 

I am tired of a certain someone that is related to my daughter, who takes my daughters ideas from her blog and "makes them her own".   It's called if you can't come up with your own stuff, you shouldn't be blogging.  Just sayin.

I love the snow.  It is so pretty.  You can make snowmen and snow angels and when it is snowing, it makes me extremely happy.  !@#$%^&&**(**&^^%$##&*()_)(**, GET AWAY FROM MY KEYBOARD, YOU IMPOSTOR.  Heavens, you turn your back for one second and look what happens.

Justin Bieber's new haircut makes him look like a girl. 

I'm having a flour chili verde enchilada for lunch.  I can hardly wait. 

Scaryman sang a song over the intercom the other day.  I laughed for an hour.

I have some of the coolest friends I have NEVER met.  Someday I'm going to meet you.  Don't be scared, I don't bite.  (I just blog)  :)

Everything is a blogging opportunity.  Have camera, beware.

Sssshhhhh, I have to work now.  The boss just got here.