Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Lies Behind The Truth

I have this blogger friend, Bodacious Boomer, who stole this little thing from someone else.  I actually think it was an award of some sort, but hell, I don't need an award to do something.  I enjoyed her post so much, I'm stealing it, big fat shocker there, and no I didn't get her truth right.  What does this mean?  She's a pretty damn good liar, that lady is.  I'm hoping to use my mad lying skills to the test here. 

I will be giving you 5 things that I have done in my life.  4 of them are lies, one of them is the truth.  Take your guess in the comment section.  A few days from now, I will reveal the correct answer. 

1.  I have been on TV

2.  I once traveled on an airplane under an assumed name.

3.  I was an awesome potty trainer.

4.  I was beat up by another girl from a different school.

5.  I was kicked off a ride at Six Flags for being to fat.

Think you know me well?  We shall see.