Friday, February 11, 2011

Freak And Frack Friday

Getting my freak on, doing the frack you friday.  Following My Mad Mind and Boobies for our little shoutouts of mad.  Guess what, I have a secret, get closer, ok, ummm someday, I just know that because of their neverending love and adoration for me, they will do my Dear..... Letters.  I have faith you know. 

Moving on.  

A big ole, double whammie to this freaking winter that is fighting for custody of my family in the divorce. 

This winter has brought asthma to Miss O and the flu that wasn't covered under the flu shots to her and her mom and dad. 

It has also brought strep throat 3 times in the last 2 months to Mr C.  Miss A caught strep also.  Miss L has been lucky, knocking on wood.  Their mom caught the flu from them too. 

Speaking of flu shots.  A big ole frack you to the deciders of what strain of flu is going to be awful this year.  YOU SCREWED UP BIG TIME!! 

  Flu and strep throat disliked alot this week.  They should run off together.  I wouldn't stop um.