Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 2.13.11

Time for our weekly scavenger hunt.  Are you ready for my thinking outside of the box.  I sure hope so, because, this week I did.  Because I can.  It's my blog. :)

Go on over to Ramblings and Photos for some more photos on the same prompts.  You will be inspired.
This is one of the guys at work.  He is usually so clean shaven.  Head and face.  By the end of one of the days last week, he was looking like this.  I called it his 5 o'clock SHADOW.  (remember, thinking outside of the box)

The bar codes on cans of corn.
Bright White
If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know my love of going to the office supply store.  Bright white was a hard prompt for me this week.  Until I found these binder clips.
I have to thank my work this week for a couple of these photos.  The first time I saw a guy lift pipe with the forklift it made my heart race.  But they are super strong.  That is quite a bit of weight on there.  Can't you just see his "what in the heck are you doing" look on his face.  :)

My favorite photo of the bunch.  Friday, we actually had some sun.  All I could think was the warmth that the sun gives us.  This was taken outside on my deck.  I'm counting down the days till spring is really here. 

Another fun week.  Let's see what we have in store for next week.

Canned Food

Yum, chocolate. :)