Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Son Josh

Jenny Matlock
I almost didn't do a Saturday Centus this week.  The prompt was a hard one.  But I mustered my courage and did it. 
Remember the prompt will be in blue.  Once again I have to thank Jenny for being the mean person that she is.  (I kid)
As the plane approached, Sam remembered back to the day he sent off Josh. When had he grown so old?  His childhood, teen years, graduation.

Then Josh told him he had enrolled in the Army. “Oh Josh, I am so proud, yet so scared”, Sam told him that day.

He remembered waving goodbye as he went off to Iraq. Tears streaming down his face.

Tears were falling again, as the casket was rolled off the back of the plane. “Oh Josh”, he cried, as he bent to kiss the flag that draped it, “I told you I’d catch a grenade for ya

War is hell.