Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Once Upon a Winter Night Dreamy

Can I just say, my subconscious was working overtime last night in dreamland to analyze the day I had yesterday.

First of all I want to put out this question, how does a blanket go from this (not my bed, thank you google)
 To this (again, not my blanket, well it could be but duh people it's outside)
 That is how I woke up this morning.  Wrapped in my blanket like that.  Of course I was having weird dreams, so no wonder.

I dreamed that I wanted something from the candy bar machine.  Granted, we have no candy bar machine at work, but I was dreaming.
 You know how you put your money in the machine, you look at your choices, you make your selection, it starts rolling, rolling, rolling, its starts to fall off and THEN STICKS!!!  And then you go, oh sure, I guess I'll buy the item behind it because it looks good too.  So I did that in my dream, and it stuck also.  There was also a left over amount of change to use in the machine so I just kept pushing buttons.  Nothing was falling to the promised land below.  I stuck my arm up to "make it fall" and I tell you, I hit the freaking motherload of goodies.  My only question is, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED DURING THE DAY TO MAKE ME DREAM ABOUT THIS????

Later in dreamland, I was accosted by the company I work for hiring back a girl that just up and quit on them a few years back.  Now, I know why this one happened.  Because yesterday was a day from hell at work.  People getting hired back after being fired is nothing new here.  I would never hire this girl back.  I threatened to quit over her.  So yeah, welcome creepy woman to my dream.  I know you are wondering why The Hunger Games books are pictured here.
Well, you see.  Machaelle gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble.  I ordered the above pictured books.  Adam asked me yesterday if I had read them yet.  I said I was on page 3 or 4.  Shut up, I have blog posts to write.....  Anyreadinglater, because I am the ever, try to get along with everyone to the detriment of myself person, I asked the hired back girl if she had read them.  She said she hadn't but would like to.  Well, by darn, I told her that I would let her borrow them when I was done.  W.T.H.  Have I lost it!!!

Please send help.

On an extremely good note, look what showed up to me in a surprise box on the transfer truck from Machaelle.........lemon bars.  I heart you!!!!!

And on the "co-workers" I have to deal with front, this is what was on my whiteboard this morning when I got to work.   You so wish you worked here, don't you.....

Must go now.  I have a lemon bar to enjoy.