Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 2.6.11

Time to link up to Ashley with her Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  This week was really quite fun for me.  I actually went out in search of the prompts, just like a real scavenger hunt.  I had a blast.

Lets get started.  I know you are just sitting on pins and needles.

We have this fishing pond where I live.  You can fish in it all year long.  Not only is it water in it's natural form, but there's the ice form, and the snow form.  The ducks are also a year round fixture.

I love my grandkids.  I'm sure you see me talk about them all the time.  Remember summer?  That nice season when there is sun and shorts.  Yeah, me too.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the mega Stampin' Up!  It's all things scrapbooking.  This building is their corporate headquarters.  It is also near where I live.  It is actually one of the coolest buildings I have seen.  Has a lot of character to it.  And the windows are every direction and so cool.  That is the front entryway.  This photo can't even do justice to how awesome those windows are.

How cool was it that a man decided, that yesterday, cold and all, he wanted to go fish.  I got two prompts at the same place.  Yeah, I was sneaky getting him.  Just started with the ducks and ended with him. 

Page 25 of a Magazine
Page 25 of People Magazine.  An ad.  Yippy Yahooey.  Oh well, you get to see my cool new glasses.

Here's what next week is going to bring us. 

  1. Shadows
  2. Patterns/Repetition
  3. Bright White 
  4. Strong 
  5. Warmth 
Hope you all have a great, no snow, day.  Except for the 2 people that love it, who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are.