Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Picture Says It All

You've got to love it when you have people sending you photo's because "I just know you will put this on your blog"  All I can say is, keep um coming.

It's enough to knock your socks off.  (haha)

You are minding your own business at the grocery store.  You are looking at what you are going to grab and put in your cart.  You go to drop your item into said cart, when you spy your cart walking down the aisle.  Thanks Adam for the above two photos.  Also, it's Adams birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEIRDO

Why you should never have toilet paper out when you go to work and leave a little spoiled Pomeranian grandpuppy alone.  I kid, I kid.  She's a cute spoiled Pomeranian.  (whew, saved myself from her parents on that one)

Read the sign.  Notice the Tundra.  Notice Dazee in the car behind him getting very upset.  I finally grabbed my camera about 2 minutes of waiting for this dipshit to "please have his payment ready".  Not to mention, there was a car in front of him paying when he could have gotten his payment ready also.  It's a good thing, A.  I value my car, or the front end would have been mashed.
B.  I don't carry a gun
C.  I don't have a blow horn

Miss O.  She is the cutest thing EVER.  She has a way with words like no other.  Did you know that there was a new dinosaur discovered?  Apparently last night she was a little upset with her dad.  Must have been time for bed or something.  She called him a
O-bug.  You crack me up.

It's Wednesday.  And the boss is gone for 2 days.  Can you say........