Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear....... 2.15.11

It's time for our Tuesday Dear..... letters.  If you would like to join along, grab the code over there on the sidebar and link on up.  Remember, you can write any type of letters.  Good or bad.  I'm an equal opportunity letter writer.
This week there will be a few pictures to go with my letters just because sometimes the written word just doesn't do them justice.
Dear Miss A.  I love how you come upstairs.  You are a joy.  Grammie is sorry that you ran into her bathroom on Sunday to tell me goodbye and I was naked in the shower.   Yes, my door was closed, but from now on I better lock it too.  I hope since you are only 3 that this is one of the things you won't remember later in life and need therapy for.
Dear Strep Throat.  I thought that we had a little meeting last week about you leaving my loved ones alone.  I even knocked on wood.  But no, you had to attack Miss L.  On Valentines day no less.  She didn't even get to go to school to enjoy the day.  If you know what is good for you, you will not give Mr C another round of your ugliness.  He's already given you a place to stay 3 times since January.  Just sayin'.  I have friends in high places.  Got it.

Dear Person That Dropped Something In a Baggie On The Road.  Umm, I was rather scared to see what was in the bag.  Apparently the birds were enjoying pecking it open.  The Criminal Minds part of me was wondering if it was a body part from a murder victim.  But we will never know.  I might have to get boyfriend in on this case.

Dear Credit Dude At Work.  In the future when putting an invoice on my desk while I am gone, kindly put a post it note on it informing me what I am to do with it.  I can usually read minds pretty good, but since I have this fear of actually seeing into your mind, I drew a blank.  I'm good, but not that good.

Dear Violet Blackberry Curve.  I love you.  Even tho we have only been together for 6 days, I know that we were meant to be.  I love your touch.  I love the sweet sounds you make when announcing a call/text/email/blackberry instant massage.  I love how you lovingly wake me up in the morning, with your cheerful *hello*.  I promise to treat you with respect and never drop you. 

With all my love

Ok kids.  It's your turn.  Be brave.