Sunday, February 27, 2011

S.O.S. Sunday - Angry

Mommying On The Fly
My friend Christy at My Mad Mind finds the most awesome photo challenge sites.  This week she turned me on to Sunday's Oh! Snap sponsored by Mommying On The Fly
I like this because I only have to come up with one photo and she has the whole year mapped out.  Click here to see if you want to join in some week.
Nothing is cuter than your grandkids when they are angry.  I have 2 granddaughter tho, Miss L and Miss O, that are the happiest things ever.  Trying to find an angry photo of them was hard.  So I found the closest thing to them being mad as I could. 
Miss L

Mr C

Miss O

Miss A

And them all together because they are just so angry cute.