Friday, February 11, 2011

Weird Me Friday

K, I realize this is Friday, but I'm linking up to TLCFree2BMe Weird Me Wednesday.  You see, on Wednesday, I just had no writing Mojo.  But I'm back.  Yee-haw


First for the not weird.  This picture just does not do the filth on my car justice.  That is road spray from the never ending white crap that we call SNOW!!  That is salt.  Believe it or not, my car was sparkling clean last week.  Now it just looks like crap.  Also notice the cute pink hand cart that someone was so kind to leave right by my car.  Did I mention it is pink?  Our big, tough guys use pink hand trucks.  Cuz customers are less likely to steal them.  :)

Now, for the weird me statement.  ah hum, just need to clear my throat for the big announcement.  Remember how I told you I tear my twinkies in half to eat them.  This is how I eat my cookies.   
First of all, you have to twist the cookies apart.  I was lucky enough yesterday to have 3 different flavors going.  You start with the filling side, put the other side on top, and so on and so on.  Then you eat one piece at a time.  One nutter butter, one oreo, one oreo cream, one nutter butter cream, repeat.  Add a big ole glass of milk on ice, sipped through a straw of course, and you are in heaven.

Please do not worry about me.  I embrace my weirdness.