Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Lunch Box

Jenny Matlock
I love Saturday.  I love to sleep in and have a cup of coffee with my hubby, and to write my saturday centus. 
If you would like to be brave and try it, you should.  It's easy.  Jenny gives us a prompt and we have up to 100 words to write a little story.  The prompt does not count towards the word count, which is good.  I need all the words I can use.  The prompt will be in blue so you know what it was. 
Tommy ran excitedly home from school that day. In his lunch box he had stored an item he found out on the playground.

“Mom, I’m home”, he yelled as he ran into the house. He didn’t stop like he usually did, just headed for his room.

It seemed his lunch box was getting heavier the closer he got. As he put it on his desk he slowly opened the lid. His eyes opened wide in surprise.

What was this thing he had found? It was growing bigger by the minute. He took a deep breath and pulled it out. “Oh my”, he exclaimed, “what in the freak…..”
 I know, you are all getting tired of my opened ended stories.  I like to let your imaginations run wild.  Cuz I'm cool like that.  :)