Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adventures Of Scary Man

Not that scary man.  

If you are offended by smelly stories, do not continue.  You have been warned.

(my name is scary man, I have given my permission to Dazee to use my picture and tell you anything she wants about me) 
(methinks he is going to be sorry he ever gave me that kind of permission)

You've heard me talk of scary man before.  I have to admit, he is great for comic relief.  Yesterday tho, he had, shall we say, a slight huge gas problem.  H.U.G.E.  He has been known to just sit at his desk and let them rip.  He is in the main office with 3 other co-workers.  Most of the time his gasly functions are just heard but not, well, smelled.  

I was surfing the net minding my P's & Q's, working my fingers to the bone, in my own office when all of the sudden, there erupted, the stampeding of feet as people were running around, holding their noses and looking for fresh air.  The only other female co-worker was caught in the rush.  She of course, being of the female persuasion, grabbed her trusty can of air freshener, sprayed the main office and all adjoining offices, and in her own words, "sprayed his chair just for good measure".  haha.  

Then, he proceeded to inform us that he learned it from none other than his mom.   "My mom can fart on command.  She will wait until I walk by and let it rip".  Alrighty then, way to go scary man's mom.  You have trained him well.

On the next adventure of scary man, why he only has one testicle. 

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