Monday, June 6, 2011

You Know You've Watched Too Many Crime Shows When.....

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you all know my love of all shows crime drama.  Criminal Minds (hi boyfriend), L&O SVU, The original L&O, NCIS, Bones, The Closer and on and on and on.

Friday, I came to realize that maybe I have watched one too many.  Witness what was in front of me getting on the freeway to travel home from work.

(again, my bad mad photoshopping skills at use)

(OK, the back wasn't opened either, but I just had to show you what I saw) 

Imagine with me if you will, the left turn arrow, well, turns green.  The vehicle in front of me V.E.R.Y...S.L.O.W.L.Y. makes the turn.  You know, kind of like there was some weight back there.  This of course, brought on a fit of cursing little tiff of "speed up freakoide, we're getting on the freeway".  While I am caressing his bumper, I happen to look in the back window.  I see the "container", thinking not much of it till I spotted the tree air freshener hanging from the container. 

This peeked my thoughts. 
 "Why is there an air freshener hanging on the container? 
O.M.G. I bet there is a dead body in that container! 
I wonder if he chopped the body up into pieces so it would fit? 
 I bet is smells awful in there. 
Wow, he is sure moving slow. 
Why did I speed up around him when I had the chance? 
I can't go slow enough for him to catch up with me! 
I should have gotten his license plate number so I could be ready when the breaking news happens.
I sure hope I don't look too bad on camera when they're interviewing me."

Like I said, one too many crime shows. 

But, what if?


  1. You're a hoot!

    Next thing you know, you'll turn into one of those crazy conspiracy theorists...maybe you need to step away from the TV.

  2. LMAO!

    I think you're onto something here...either that or we're both ultra paranoid. Take your pick!

  3. An airfreshener? Man, I don't even want to know what was in there.

  4. Yes, we are all watching WAY too much TV.. haha!! I see a trash bag full on the side of the road and wonder the same thing-- but then also wonder .. is there money in there!? Should I pull over and check?

  5. I'm like that too. I just figure it makes life more entertaining. :)

  6. EWWW- They were just talking on CNN about the trunk they think Caylee Anthony was put in.

  7. I think you could do with cutting back on the crime shows buddy! I'm a fine one to talk, when I read the books I do.

  8. carressing his bumper....lmao thats just awesome! Also called a bump draft maybe? I can totally picture you hanging back a little bit and following him to his next destination and then not so covertly snooping around the vehicle while he's inside the store lmao....oh what a great scene I have playing out in my head. I've SO got an I Love Lucy moment going on.

  9. Haha, this made me literally laugh out loud. I MUST follow you because I imagine there are more of these antics to share! New follower! :) Happy Wednesday!