Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Having His Baby

Jenny Matlock
This weeks Alphabe-Thursday is brought to us by Jenny, and the letter 

When I was in the baby growing years, many many moons ago, there was a song by Paul Anka.  It was called Having My Baby.

I made a little video to this song.  Please excuse the awful quality of the photo's.  My scanner has decided that it has retired, so I had to take pictures of the pictures.  Anyphotolater, here you go.
Here's the scary thing.  Back in the late 70's and early 80's the songs were love songs.  You could understand the words.  Oh where have those days gone.
I've taken the liberty to write what this song would sound like today.  I will spare you the actual singing :)  And imagine in the venue of rap.

*cue scratching records and boom-boom-boom music sounds*

It Ain't My Baby
(by Dazee Dreamer)

You say you're having my baby, my baby
You lyin' B$%$& you crazy, you crazy
My thoughts of you are hazy.

We'll go on Maury, in a hurry
Then your sorry A** will scurry
As he says it ain't my baby
Outta my life you crazy W!@#@

Yeah, so, I will never make it as a rap artist, but you get my drift.  I'm glad I was having babies when there was nice songs about it.  


  1. I certainly prefer the older version!

  2. Loved this!!! And it was so nice that you got each of the different baby daddies to pose with their respective kids. Oh wait. That was in the "olden" days. A much sweeter, gentler time. I feel nostalgic now.

  3. Yikes! I'll take the old version, thanks.

  4. What a fab post! Many thanks for sharing your 'H' in such a creative way¬!

  5. LOL, I love the rap!! The song however I must admit creeps me out for some reason... LOL

  6. Very sentimental video:) I remember this song. I think your lyrics sound perfectly suited for the Maury show. Seems like everytime I've visited that program, that is the topic!

  7. I love that video and that you turned around the next second and made me laugh. Very funny. Thanks for making me laugh so early. And by the way, since I'm "newish" here, I didn't know you had 30 year old babies. I thought that you were in your late 30s yourself. I really need to pay better attention. m.

  8. Oh no the video isn't working for me...stupid computer. I'll pretend that it was awesome because I wouldn't expect anything less from an awesome lady like you

  9. I remember that song, that time.
    It was a better time, a gentler time.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Heh. Yes, there is a lot of truth in this post. :)

  11. You know not all rap music is like that! Actually I was a bit shocked to hear that Paul Anka was struggling to hit some of those notes! I think I prefer Diana! :D

    Cute video though. :)

  12. I tend to like the older versions of songs.

  13. I like older songs. It's real music!! That's a cute video. :) And a hilarious song!!

  14. I love that song even though personally I'm not gonna have anyone's baby.

  15. Majority rules. Hands down it's the older version!~Ames

  16. OMG! I'm lovin' this!!! You are so funny! Great pix, too!

  17. do you have gold teefe and saggy ass pants to go with your rappin' self?

  18. I'd say you were pretty accurate update. I always loved the original.

  19. I'm sorry to say that I like your rap version better than the original. That song is one that really grates on my nerves. Yes, you can understand the lyrics. But have you really listened to them? The guys is going on about how the woman is showing she loves the man by having his baby. A little egocentric of him, no? LOL

  20. I love the photos you chose. You have a beautiful family. They must be big now! I'm a sentimental fool. I love love, and babies and happy families.

  21. What a lovely family you have! I remember that song...very well, sadly.

    I think I attended a wedding or two where the brides family insisted on playing it...ha!

    Love your new take on it.

    Rap. Not just for violence featuring...kinda/sorta love songs.

    What a fun stop.

    Thanks for the laugh.