Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let The Summer Festivities Begin

Jenny Matlock

That Jenny, she is always throwing new things at us.   She's testing us, I just know it.  This week, one of her followers gave her a suggestion on what our prompt should be.  Miss Nonna Beach came up with a great one.  Oh, and by the way, if you click on her link, the biggest, yummiest plate of spaghetti will hit you in the face.  You've been warned.

The other thing Jenny threw at us this week was that we get to use 200 words.  Dear Jenny, I found 200 words somewhat harder to come up with.  But then, 25 words last week was hard too.  Shutting up now, I'll just write.  As always, the prompt is in blue.


Summer was here.  DeeDee always got anxious during this season.  It wasn’t the heat, it was the dreaded family gatherings that everyone expected her to attend.  

As she read the invitation to the upcoming event, she couldn’t help but get those butterflies she always did.  She knew her husband Brian would not go if his life depended on it, that bridge was closed.  The wall was built long ago, but through the years, DeeDee had trudged on, only to be asked time and time again, “why isn’t Brian here”.  “As if they don’t know”, she thought to herself.

She also feared that she would not be able to control her anger towards certain family members.  In fact, she knew that she wouldn’t.  If push came to shove, she would most likely go postal, which would only make matters worse.  

Brian walked into the room and saw that she was deep in thought.  He could read her expressions so well after all their years together.  “I love you”, he said.   As she melted into his embrace, she whispered in his ear, “I am so lucky to have found my soul mate, I love you too”.


  1. Families can be such a difficult part of life ... and I hope she doesn't go postal ...

  2. Excellent job! I love it !!!

    I so relate totally to the truths contained in this marvelous story. We all face the butterflies, anger and nearly going postal during family gatherings in some form and it never gets easier...the simple oasis of love your ending embodies makes it all the more bearable !

    BTW, You darling, I am bowled over by your sweet comment and Linky Love and also your comments about my Centus and writing. The feeling is very happily mutual !!!

  3. Have we met? Because I don't remember telling you this family secret of mine! Very nice job! I loved the ending!

  4. Nice Centus!

    I can't help wishing Brian love for her would overcome his reluctance to attend with her. But then I'm an idealist from way back.


  5. Oops. Should have proofread before I clicked.

    Make that "Brian's" love for her.



  6. Gosh, I was thinking this was going to end differently. I love how you twisted this around.

    Great writing!

  7. It's a terrible and time honored tradition - the ubiquitous family "event." Why do we continue to tell ourselves that just because we are related, we should love or even like one another? Your ending was just right. I think I would have been disappointed if he had changed his mind after all those years.

    Great Centus!


  8. This is so human. We can all relate and I'd love to find a man like Brian. Very nice piece.

  9. It is hard when we are forced to choose between family and our choice in spouses.~Ames

  10. Wow, that so didn't end how I thought it would! Very well written! It tugged at a lot more than my heart strings (((millions of hugs)))

  11. What a great take on the prompt. Families can be a royal pain sometimes, can't they? But it sounds like she found her real family in Brian. Kat

  12. Well written. Such a sweet ending. :)

  13. thats so tender and sweet. Like nothing I'd ever write. I'm too much of a cynic.

    (Hey thanx for posting your winners button)

  14. My older brother was such a PIA that years ago I had him replaced by a pod person. Peace reigns again.

  15. Rod has always been so good about going places with me! I'm the one who always hated family reunions. If you knew my family, you would completely understand.

  16. Such a fine and well developed story, and one with which I can relate. You see, I am not big on family gatherings. They are always my wife's family, and I do not relate...mine has dwindled...both parents gone, only sister 8 hours away, cousins across the country in California. Oh, I play the good husband and go sometimes...small sacrifices being married ;-) Peace and blessings

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