Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Adam Twelve.....See The Man

Yesterday I made a little trip to beautiful, downtown Salt Lake.  While speeding traveling at the posted speed limit, I looked over to sidewalk and saw that Salt Lake's Finest were out in force. 

Of course, being that I have the Dazee brain, I got thinking, what happens when they are called to the scene of a crime. 

"One Adam Twelve, see the man in the alley"

They turn their little sirens on, which I'm sure are very, very loud, kind of sounding like a bike bell.  Or, maybe not.

*Peddling their little hearts out*
*peddle, peddle*

Pedestrians pulling over to the side of the sidewalk. 
A young punk thinking he can outrun the bikes. 
A wild chase ensues.  More and more cop bikes join in. 
The news helicopters buzz overhead
"We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for Breaking News"
People are glued to their televisions.
A viewer recognizes the runner.
"Please, please, don't hurt him, he's a good boy"
He is tackled to the ground.
A reporter shoves a microphone in his face
"why were you running?"

With a huge smile on his face he says


  1. HAHAHAHAA! You are hilarious. I often wonder how fast they could peddel.

  2. Have you ever seen Jeff Dunham and Walter.. Walter discusses the logistics of being a cop ona 10 speed. I think it is on Youtube, you have to find it and watch it you will crack up

  3. I can see that the nice spring weather has you noticing toned men in shorts. Nice.

    But the whole police thing was a nice diversion.:)

  4. Lol. That would be so totally funny.

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  6. I think I'll do it just to see what happens! m.

  7. I want to see this as a scene in a movie. I've often wondered what the bike cops do if there is a situation.

  8. Wow I haven't see a policeman on a bike here in the UK for years. :D

  9. I've never seen a cop on a bike, plenty on horses and foot patrol, however. That's a good tale. Sometimes "because" is reason enough.

    I hope you'll stop by and read my post today. You were not the only one to comment on algorithms. It inspired a fictional tale that I hope is both funny and easy to understand.

  10. I need you to get me one of Salt Lake's finest. Big arms please.

  11. Because my name is "Forest Gump" you fool.

  12. Those are some fierce cops, there.

    We always laugh at my brother in law. He's a rough and ready Chicago city police officer...on a Segway. With the little helmet and all. I think if I were a criminal and he tried to apprehend me, I'd laugh.

  13. heh!

    your imagination slays me!

    sorry i've been a lurker lately.

    i'll try to let you know i've been here once in a while!

  14. AH HAHA! I remember downtown Salt Lake very well. Funny story!

  15. I thoughtbit was a picture of mormon missionaries at first lol you always make me laugh!

  16. What a HOOT! Thanks for sharing and for your visit!