Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Breathe

Jenny Matlock

Are you ready for our weekly alphabet lesson?  Today our subject is brought you you by the letter

Dear Miss Jenny.  J  is a hard letter to come up with a decent subject that is worthy of turning in my assignment.  

I could have written about, Jolly ranchers, Jump ropes, or Jacks.  All things from my youth.  

I know that this song is called BREATHE, but the biggest message I get from it is
JUST BREATHE.  I included the Grey's Anatomy version, well, because McDreamy is just that.
oK, just breathe.  It's ok.  Deep breaths.  Phew.  

sidebar:  About 4 years ago, McDreamy was on the cover of People magazine.  We buy it for the puzzle.  (Yeah, we do, Mr. Dazee does them to keep his brain active)  Alright, I buy it because I just have to read the latest gossip.  AnyMcDreamylater, my oldest granddaughter, who was about 4 at the time, looked at the cover of the magazine, pointed at it and said, "That's Bapa".  Oh yeah, a wee bit jealous aren't you that Mr. Dazee is a Mr. DazeeMcDreamy.

But I digress.

I don't know about you, but many times throughout the day I say to myself,

A co-worker pisses me off, JUST BREATHE
One of my children or grandchildren get hurt, JUST BREATHE
That car almost ran into me, JUST BREATHE.

Sometimes life gets to be too fast and furious.  Miss L, my oldest granddaughter, was lucky enough to have had a parent volunteer, teach her class how to meditate.  Her mom will find her sometimes in her bedroom sitting on her bed, doing just that.  How awesome that at the age of 8, she is learning that technique that will someday be a very valuable thing.  

If you are having one of those days
sit back, relax, 

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  1. I wanted a second tattoo on my wrist to remind me to stop and breathe when things got "hairy" and to remind myself how far I've come (this was after my back surgery in 06) so I found the chi symbol. I had it tattoed in 07. It also stands for balance of mind body and also rings true right now. Ironic right?