Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Stone Of Life

Jenny Matlock

I know, I'm a day late and a dollar short on my Saturday Day Centus.  But I know that once Jenny gets over her tangent about my tardiness, it will be ok.

The rules, 100 words plus the prompt.  This week that means 103 words.  I always put the prompt in blue.  This weeks prompt was inspired by Jeff at Tennessee Mudbug.  Thanks Jeff.  This was a really hard one.  (I just realized that I say that every week, my bad)

The Stone Of Life

Have you ever wondered what is written within the stone of your life?  As I stare into the depths of it, I can see those things that have left small dents, huge slashes and happy, life changing moments.

Today, I see the father of my children, teaching them the ways of life.  I see my son-in-law, loving my grandchildren.  I see my oldest son, beaming with joy as he plays with his daughter.  There is also a spot on that stone, for my younger son that someday will become a dad.

Happy Fathers Day.   

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