Friday, June 24, 2011

All Kinds Of Fellow Employees

Not only is it Friday, but I'm not at work today.  Let the good times roll!  Today we are going to hook up with Christy and Boobies, once again with those dumbasses  that deserve the fickle finger of fate award.  

First up
To the fracken male coworker that has the worst back pain ever one day, and the next day no pain what-so-ever. I've had back pain.  I've had back surgery.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you are so much pain that you whine and wobble one day, you are not going to be miraculously better the next day.   I don't believe you.   No, you can't make me.  Take your waa-baby back, back to your office and stay there.  

To Mister I know everything, about everybody, in every sport co-worker dude.  Frack, you are driving me nuts.  You analyze everything.  No this player will be bad for the team.  No this player will never make it in the NBA.  No this player should go to XYZ team.  And his stats are this, that and the other.  One more thing.  Your talking sports radio droning on all fracken day long, is pushing me over the ledge.  Heaven help me.

And now on to our shoes of the week.  Hosted by the ever lovely woman from South Africa, the one, the only, Daft Scots Lass.......(and the crowd goes wild)

A Daft Scots Lass

This week, we will have the pleasure of seeing some shoes that you can get at your local Kohls.  Unless, they are sold out....

They will be modeled by the ever lovely Miss Machaelle, my friend and fellow mischief maker.  (and co-worker, but at a different branch)  About a month ago she came up to spend the weekend with me.  We did some shopping because, well, women do that kind of stuff.  She was a very good sport and tried on some heels for me.   You know me and my not very graceful foray into wearing heels.  Machaelle, well, she was involved in a horrific car accident, not caused by herself.  Her poor right ankle has all sorts of pins and stuff in it.  But she loves the high heeled shoes.  

First up, the sparkly silver shoes.  So, shall we say, Wizard Of Oz, but not red.  These were my least favorite shoes.  But she was rocking them.

My 2nd place shoes were these cute zebra print and red peek-a-boo shoes.  So, so cute.  I can see a good many of you rushing right out and buying these.   Little red or black dress not included.

My favorite pair of the day are the flip flops.  I kid, I kid.  Sorry about them being in the shot.  I love this pair of red, open toe, I could so be a street walker,  where's my slinky little form fitting dress, shoes.  And might I say, she looked mighty hot in them.

Thanks to our fine model and good sport Machaelle for making this possible.  

And, before I leave you
A word to the wise

Keep your arms and legs inside, and have a good time.

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