Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kaleidoscope Of Life

This weeks Alphabe-Thursday is brought to us by the letter
I honestly don't know how Jenny does it.  Gives us all this school work and still has time to check our homework.  Jenny, I salute you.  SAL-LUTE.

Remember when you were young, and you would get the awesome kaleidoscope.  You would frantically turn it wondering what the next vision was going to be. 

How often have we picked up the kaleidoscope of our lives?  Lets take a look now.

We enter this world kicking and screaming.  One minute we are being serenaded by the beating heart of our mother.  The next, bright lights and confusion.  No wonder we are screaming.

As we get older, we start playing kids games.  Kick the can, King of the hill, red light/green light, red rover and many more.  

We turn it again, and see ourselves flying kites.  How high can we get it?

Then we look and we are getting the keys to our parents car.  First time around the block without them being there with you.  

Oh look, its our first kiss.  How well do you remember yours?

School days.  Where we fill our brains with knowledge.  Some of it useless, but most of it there to draw on when we need it.

With all we are looking at in our life, we are gathering many keepsakes.  Some are memories, others are actual items.  But all are things our lives are made of.

Some things in my kaleidoscope I would rather forget about.  Others, I really wish I had a better memory of.    All in all, I think my life has turned out pretty good.

Jenny Matlock

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