Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear....... 6.7.11

Oh peeps, can I just say this past weekend was sooooo lovely.  The sun was out, it wasn't too hot, there was a slight breeze. 
Now, on to the good stuff.  
Dear One Dude At My Work
Since when does going for a hot dog at the gas station, right in the middle of helping a customer, whom you left standing at the counter thinking you were pulling his order, constitute customer service?  Not only that, but you actually called the customer from the gas station to talk to him.  WTH?  Flabbergasted doesn't even cover what I'm thinking.  I am beyond speechless. 
Dear Miss A
You my dear little one crack me up.  When your brother, Mr C, decided to "cut the cheese" right at the dinner table on Sunday, you went right downstairs to your house, came back upstairs with the Febreeze, and sprayed where he was standing.  Are you really only 3? 
Dear Media
Please stop following Sarah, I don't know my history, Palin, around.  She's making me feel rotten that I am of the same gender.  Maybe if you stopped following her around like she's a bitch in heat, she would go away. 
Dear Mankind
 (that's an oxymoron)
Why are you so mean?  Do you know how hard it was for me Sunday to hear my almost 9 year old granddaughter say she wanted to grow up to be President and then a teacher.  Why was it hard?  Because there is way too much hatred.  We had to tell her that she really didn't want to be president.  That there is a lot of responsibility, and that others are always trying to bring you down.  They may even tell lies about you.  That they will say things even if it hurts your young children. The human race is starting to really bring me down.

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  1. If she wants to be President, let her be President. I think it's wonderful that she has such lofts goals at that age.
    And the Media will always follow Sarah. It's a total train wreck. m.

  2. And the guy at work still has a job????

    Your Granddaughter is aiming high! You know one person with power can make a difference, so why not her?

  3. Miss A is clearly prepared to be married....Febreeze in hand and what not...lol.

    I agree....mankind/humankind....it's all starting to look pretty shifty.

    I say tell your Granddaughter to go for it! We need some change in this country!

  4. bwhahahah @ her getting the air freshener too cute.. Let her be what she wants a woman can be a better president anyway

  5. Ha! She got the febreeze. Hilarious

  6. Hello! Newest follower from the Follow Me Back Tuesday blog hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get a chance. Have a great week! (:


  7. First thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving such a sweet comment! Totally made my day.

    And way to funny about Miss A. I thought my I little step-brother was the only one to do that. (He air freshened my dad not to long ago because of gas issues)

    And I so feel you on the mankind bit. I refuse to give up all hope though. I see more and more of our generation becoming fed up with it all and I am hoping that because of it the generation we are raising will be different.

    A gal's got to dream right?

  8. I think you should encourage your granddaughter to be President, and even now, at four, show her that she can be an example of how people should treat each other - by the time she's nominated in the primary, maybe folks will be civilized.

    Me, I'll be worm chow. If they ever let the dead vote, I'll mark the checkbox next to her name, okay?

  9. It's true. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. It's going to be sad to watch.