Friday, June 10, 2011

Once Upon In The Country Of Frack

Once upon a time, in the Country of Frack, there was a Princess named Dazee.  (It's my fairytale, be quiet)
She was following in the footsteps of her wicked co-princesses Christy and Boobies  in their adventures of their week.

Now the fair maiden, upon accessing her week, decided she was going to call Frack upon her mind.  Monday she thought it was Monday.  Tuesday she thought it was Wednesday.  Wednesday in her fracked out mind was Thursday.  Thursday was indeed, just another slow Thursday.  

This morning, when her alarm woke her up, after having a fitful night of sleep, because she was feeling that pea under her mattress, (shut it), she got out of bed and while doing her morning "chores", was sure it was Thursday.  While she started talking to herself about how badly she wished it were Friday instead, the realization came upon her that it was indeed Friday.  

This my dear peasants, is why your Princess has called frack upon her mind.  

Upon sitting on her throne, she also thought of some of the minions in her country.  As they approached her and pleaded their cases of stupidity  frackedness, she handed down the following sentence.

The Award for Fracken Peasant of Drug-ed-ness, went to one of the workers that thinks the fair maidens are stupid and don't realize he has an addiction to prescription drugs.  Harken you masses, this is a sad disease.  Get help.  People that care want you to get help.  They are not the enemy.  

Because of the hard work that the Princess had to do, she decided that she had to make a trip to yon village of Shoegasm, and visit with her cousin  A Daft Scots Lass

A Daft Scots Lass

Now, her fair cousin's village had shops and shops of shoes.  The Princess went into those shops and tried some on.  These were the ones she went back to the palace with.

To wear at the Olympics

For when the Prince wants her to wear her little black dress.  (Rawr)

When she has to be seen at the Royal Parties
OMG, These she just had to get.  No particular reason why.
Last, but certainly not least, she got these to wear when she had on her crown. They match perfectly.

When she returned to the Country of Frack, she nestled into the parlor, and dreamed of the weekend to come.

"E" End
(as the little grandchildren of the Princess used to say)


  1. OMG if I wasn't so afraid of being too top heavy and leaning myself right into a face plant I would love about 5 pairs of those shoes.. seriously.. lmbo I love how you did this too funny.. your highness

  2. Great post - just like yr *H* one too!

    XOXO Lola:)

  3. Loved this Dazee. And now I want those shoes. Especially with the laces going all the way up the calves. Oh wow. Where did you find those?

  4. There's nothing like a sweet pair of shoes to make your day! Very cute shoes, but they might not go with my ensemble! I have a tiara, pearls and a (not-so-little) black dress, but could only get the shoes if they came in 1/2 inch heels!

    Great post!

  5. If you ever hit the lotto I fear your hubs is going to have to build an addition onto your house- just for your shoes.:)

    I always like your posts about shoes, especially since I haven't worn anything but Crocs since forever.

  6. I would NEVER suggest you could not feel that pea under the mattress. I feel them and I know you're as much a princess as I am. The minions just do not understand.

  7. Thanx for taking part again this week. I love that last pair. They'll look great with a crown, gurl!

  8. I so want the first pair of heels! They remind me of transformers. XD
    I love it! I have day-of-the-week-lexia too. Go us.