Monday, September 27, 2010

Clutz or What?

Here's the deal.  I get to work this morning.  One of the alarms needs to be reset because the battery is starting to go low.  I ask kindly (what? I did, you unbelievers), to please climb up there and reset it because I have zero tolerance for some sounds.  That being one of them.
Two Hours Later, I am to my wits end.  I grab a chair, push it against the wall.
This is what the chair looked like before I stood on it. (except a different wall)

This is what the chair looked like after I stood on it for, oh about 1 second. 

Imagine if you will, Dazee, not the smallest fry in the pack, sprawled over this chair, butt sticking up into the air, my face where the seat of the chair is, my knees on the floor.  Also imagine the swearing that was coming out of my mouth.  But lo and behold, said boys that wouldn't turn off the damn beeping, sure came to my rescue.  Rat Bastards. 
I'm going with WHAT.  As in what the hell, next time help!!!