Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flip-It HOA!!

Following mammakiss who is taking care of flip off fridays for Gigi who has a big log in the fire.
Friday is usually the day that I do flip-off Fridays. Not really sure if that is going to happen this week, but I have a huge FLIP-OFF to the Home
Owners Association.
As you read here, I do not like our H.O.A. Well they are at it again. First of all, here are some pictures of what hubby has been doing all.....summer..........long.

I think he has done a awesome job. But the HOA? Here is the email that we got Wednesday evening.

You guys have made great progress!
Could you please let us know when you plan on putting down the sod?

Do you want to know where the sod it going? On the parking strip. Because the HOA and city won't let you put anything but sod there. Most people will do their landscaping, then get the sprinkler dude to come over and then, you can lay your sod. At least in the world I know, that's what happens.

Big kiss award this week goes to my hubby. He deserves it. He works hard to make our place look nice. And then we get an email from the fine, outstanding HOA. They are lucky he sent back the reply. He is so much nicer than me. I would have said, "whenever we get the damn stuff laid, that's when. Quit bugging us. That's why all the landscaping looks so good around here. NOT. People have been hurried along to get their crap done."
Anylandscape, here's your kiss sweetie, you deserve it. And the HOA, can just flip-off.