Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MiSsY-mOo-MoO

3 years ago today, Miss A was born. She had to make her entrance into the world via C-Section because, well, by damn, she was not going to enter this world with her head hanging down. She was going to "stand up" for her rights!!!! Feet first, always and to this day, her mantra.

The good looking arm in the picture is me :)

Already you can see the curly hair she inherited from her mom and grammie

One year old, Little Red Riding Hood.

Three year old, I'm not going to take your crap look. "you want to take my picture, here's your damn picture"
I love this little girl. She is the youngest grandchild I have so far. (hint, hint)
She and her bapa have the cutest relationship. They live in our basement apartment, so she had to have her parents get her her own plastic rake and shovel, and whenever he is out in the yard doing the landscaping, she will run in and grab her stuff and go out and help. She also is the sweetest thing. If she comes up for a treat, she always makes sure she gets one for her brother and sister.