Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So I Went To Our Corporate Office

Last week I took a little trip down to our corporate location. It's in a small town called Richfield here in Utah. I love to travel to small towns, but I couldn't live in a small town, where everyone knows your business. No- sir- ree, not for me.
Anysmallville, here are a few things I found while there.
You ever wonder what the Tin Mans "short hairs" look like? Well here they are.
It's really what the scraping from the pipe looks like when you "turn it into a nipple" Just sayin'.
Next we have the newest bakery to open. They are known for their cinnamon rolls. I love this box, how cute is her bootie.
Last, and not least is the most awesome thing. I was taken on a tour of the city, when we came upon my friends house. What do you do with the cat poop fertilizer? Well you fertilize it, duh. That spot is going to be a gorgeous green I tell ya.

ah come on, it's not like none of you have ever seen your pet's poop.
I had a fun time. Even tho, I got in a no bar zone on my phone. And having read one to many murder, who done its, I'm starting to freak out. "there is a semi truck in front of me and in back of me". Whatever should I do, what if they pull the old I'll slow down, you speed up and we will run into her. Yikes, good thing I stopped for donuts for the office down there. If I only eat one per day, These should last a week. That is, if they push me off the road and leave me for dear. Yeah, I need to not read those kinds of books.
Until the next time,