Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Musings of My Subconscious Mind

I had a dentist once that told me I had a "huge ole tongue". What the? I asked him what that meant. He said it was bigger than most and it got in the way of his tools. Honestly, I think it just got in the way of his big ole hands. Dentists should not have hands the size of baseball mitts. But I digress. Sometimes I wake up during the night to, well, pee, and I find that I am biting my huge ole tongue. Just on the edges, not fun.

I know that when I dream, it's my subconscious trying to analyse and file away things that have gone on. Last night was one of them. My dreams last night were some good ones.

Driving down the street where I lived while a teenager. It's me and my hubby. Turn down one street which was narrow and it was blocked by cars and bicycles. So blocked by some bicycles that I had to get and move the bikes, while swearing. (oh stop it, you know I do) The owner of the house came out and it was someone that used to live by us in a part of town we used to live in. Yuk. (I know this has something to do with the people and their grocery carts stopping in the middle and not moving out of peoples way)

At a church social, all sorts of people that have been in and out of my life. Women that were always pregnant (can you say 8 kids) were pregnant. My second cousin whom I adore trying to buy a house. Taking care of some weird packages in a classroom. Two different dogs that had teeny-tiny puppies. Puppies escaped from the room, owner of dog got all sorts of pissed. "Then don't bring them to church". Little girl that kept coming in, screaming and playing with packages we were trying to wrap. Driving with hubby, him stopping all the time because he kept hearing a sound at the front of the car. Being at the top of a mountain held hostage by 2 guys. One of them told me they would let me go if I took off all my clothes and jumped up and down. All of the sudden we were back at the church, I was jumping up and down naked, and then I told them that "I won't do this next month because I'm pregnant and I will be showing by then". (alrighty then, who is expecting?) Shrink wrapping a weird package with salt water taffy in the bottom, and a stick of dynamite stuck in the middle, like some kind of weird birhtday cake. (I do know where this one came from since my S-I-L said he could used some dynamite to blow up his car during dinner yesterday).

Then I woke up, and was biting my tongue. This was all last night. I'm really tired this morning. All I needed was popcorn and a coke. The movie was free.