Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Contemplating Life

Have you ever just sat and contemplated why you were born a human?  Maybe it's just me.  Think about it a minute.
Fruit Flies.  Ummm, I can't even fathom what purpose they have in life except to bug me when I'm eating.  The little suckers are fast too, it takes sheer luck and determination to swat those suckers.

 Next we have an ant.  Again, strong little suckers, can lift tons of weight.  Squish, you're dead.  What a life.

 Tarantula's.  Watched on the news yesterday that the male species waits for a decade to mate, finally does, and then whammo, 2 weeks later he is dead.  That is just all kinds of wrong.  Glad I wasn't born a male tarantula.

We all know how I feel about mice.  Why wasn't I born as a mouse?  Maybe I was a mouse, in a previous life, and got caught in a trap or eaten by a cat. 
 Speaking of cats.  Why wasn't I born as a cat.  I'm glad I wasn't, because they like to eat mice.  Just yuk. 

I would much rather be a cat than a dog.  Cats will at least cover their poop with the cat litter.  Dogs, well, they will eat it.  That is just all kinds of sick and wrong.

Why wasn't I born a cow.  They have more than one stomach.  They are born to either give milk, or eat. 
Where am I going with the post.  Besides a little bit whackie.  
 I just would like to know why we are born human, and other things are born what they are.  Live for a few hours, live for years and years.  Have a brain that comprehends, or have a brain that doesn't think about things except the next meal.  Did I do something right or was it just the luck of the draw? 
Or, do I just need some serious help?