Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs 9.10.10

Friday. A slow week of anger from Dazee. I know, you are in shock. Pick those jaws up off the floor. This weeks are doosies.

Thanks again to Gigi at Kludgy Mom for this opportunity. This week she has Momma Kiss hosting because of her busy, busy schedule.
Notice the bench seating in the picture of the restaurant. Thursday, I had a business meeting with my boss. We went to my favorite Chinese restaurant to discuss HR issues. The meeting went well and the food was awesome. I was sitting against the wall on the "bench" seating. When we were done, I was scooting along the seat to get up from the table. Unlike the picture above, where the bench was one long bench (because that is how a lot of places have them), this bench had an empty space. Scooting, scooting, falling on the floor, scraping my side and arm on the table next to us, where one of the other two patrons in the place at the time (thank goodness it was later in the day) was sitting. I know that you think I'm going to give this first flip-off to the restaurant. Wrong. I'm giving the BIG OLE FINGER TO MYSELF!!!! That's right, me, Dazee. For being a dumb stupid freak of nature, and thinking you were just scooting to get out......take this finger, hell, take 2, and poke them in your brain to knock some smarts in there...................

Double flip of the week goes to Richard Randall. Child Molester. Went to the local thrift store on Tuesday or Wednesday, not quite sure which day, grabbed a 4 year old girl in the toy department, and took her to the men's room.

Richard Randall
(courtesy Salt Lake Tribune)
She had asked her mom permission to go look at the toys, that were right by the women's clothing. Mom looked away for about 3 minutes, and then couldn't find her. Frantically went searching, had them announce over the speakers her name. Finally came to the men's restroom, pounded on the door calling her daughters name. Heard her daugther screaming. Told her daughter to unlock the door, little girl said she couldn't. The man was laying on top of her. Richard, you are a disgusting freaking piece of shit garbage. Take this double flip, you suck and should die...............

This week I'm going to give a big kiss award. It goes in conjunction with the Richard Randall story. When the restroom door was finally opened, the mother grabbed at the piece of garbage and tried to wrestle him to the ground. He was too big for her, so she started screaming for help.

(paragraph from the Salt Lake Tribune, 9/9/10) Three men in the store chased Randall and tackled him in the parking lot of a nearby Taco Time, police wrote. He was booked into jail on suspicion of rape of a child, aggravated sexual abuse of a child and aggravated kidnapping.
To the three men, that helped this poor woman until the police could arrive, you get the Big Kiss Award of the week. Too many times people just walk on by, or try not to get involved. But for putting my faith back towards some of humanity, take this kiss and wear it well......
Thanks again to Momma Kiss for hosting this week.
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