Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well, What's Your Answer? 9.18.10

Another try at well, what's your answer. Like I said before, can't figure out how to do the "grab the picture" thingy, so you will have to save picture as and insert picture. Sorry, someday I will be smart. Also, grab the questions and answer them on your blog. Then come back and link up. Or I will hunt you down and find you. I have friends in high places.

1. What do you think other people think of you? Do you think they see you the way you really are?
This one is kind of a good question for me. I'm sure people that don't really know me just look at me and say, yikes, she's overweight, she must be dumb. But then there are those that do know me. I'm pretty sure they think, "I can tell her anything". And they do. What they don't know is that I never tell another soul. The second part of that question. Do they see me the way I really am? Hum. Probably not. I think sometimes I hide it really well. I'm a realist, I swear like a trucker, I have a dirty mind. But I also love to "pun it up" and love babies, and kids, and butterflies and baby tigers. And love seeing pictures of everyone's family. I won't swear around you unless I am super mad. If I am in your corner, I will fight for you tooth and nail, but watch out if you hurt anyone in my immediate family, or my close friends (which some of you are) I will go for the blood, it won't be pretty.
2. Have you thought about what you want your epitaph to read?
I haven't thought much about the epitaph. Probably "Party at my Place" on the grave marker. Because I've already been told by the "good people" that I'm going to hell, and I figure, I don't want to be with the stuffy "good people" anyway, so it's a party and you're all invited. I have decided on my funeral. Have told my kids what I want, and one of these first days, I'm going to write my obituary. It will all be found on my computer under "Mom's Funeral". Even picked out the music. Little secret, at the end of the funeral, everyone is going to sing, "Na-Na-Na-Na, Na-Na-Na-Na, Hey-Hey-Hey, Good-ood-bye". It's going to rock!
Probably not what the questions really meant, but hey, It's my blog and I can answer them the way I want. And you can answer them the way you want too. Link on up. Please. Can you see the tears. Falling, falling, dropping on the floor. Big puddle.