Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's My Fault

According to the commenter's in today's edition of the local newspaper, that because Camp Williams was THERE FIRST, it's our fault for buying a house on the mountain.
Guess what? Today is the first day that I've started to feel the panic that I didn't feel the first few days as I was trying to keep my kids, grandkids, and hubby calm. I want to cry. I am all sorts of pissed. And then, to be told that it's MY FAULT for buying a house where I did and get over it! I guess if I bought a house next to one of these asswipes, and their kid started a fire at their house with matches, and then the embers started my house on fire, it would be my fault because they were there first. We bought our house because we loved the house, not because of where it was.
I'm still mad that CAMP WILLIAMS wanna-be's didn't follow protocol, knew it was a red flag wind day, still played army, and DIDN'T CALL THE FIRE INTO 911 UNTIL 3 FREAKING HOURS AFTER IT STARTED.
Oh but wait, it's my fault. my bad.