Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Field Trip - Chair Store

Time once again for another field trip. This time we are going to the chair department in the Dazee Dreamer Furniture Store. Please hand over your permission slips before entering the bus.
Have you ever felt like you just needed a big ol' bear hug. Then this is the one for you. Comfy and inviting. No? Just watch out for your head.
What do you do with all the cardboard boxes you use when you move? Well here is a handy idea. Make a chair. Especially if all your furniture hasn't arrived yet.

Another good idea whilst moving. What to do with all the old blankets make a chair. Comfy and warm.

For the nights you just want to cuddle and watch a flick and.........

Ummm, yeah, moving on
For the avid reader with not enough room for a book shelf. A book, always at your fingertips.

Musical chairs anyone?

(insert Josh Grobin singing here) I'll lift you up.........

This chair is kind of cool. Except the "seat" part kind of looks like it is sticking it's tongue out., nice blog, nice blog.

For the place with not a lot of room. A stackable table and chairs set. A decoration and furniture all wrapped up in one.

This one is speaking my language. After a hard day at work, I could use a good ol' body massage.

I just don't even know what to say about this one, but it is all sorts of cool.

Last and certainly not least, for the nights you are fighting with your loved one, or your hate one, or your kids. Duke it out with the boxing gloves chair. Don't forget your shorts.
That was a fun field trip. Did you find anything you would want to buy? If you are all good little boys and girls, we will go on another field trip soon.
Until then, make sure your homework is done.