Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bone To Pick

Disclaimer: I'm trying not to swear like a truck driver in this post. I apologize in advance.
I have a huge bone to pick!!! I know, I know, some of you (and you know who you are) think that all I post about is mean, angry things. I can't always be the nice, pleasant, sweet talking, never swear Dazee. I just can't.
And by all means, I'm not putting all you mean out there in the same bucket. I like men, they rock, but I'm about to my limit with the I.T. guy that works for the company I work for. Here on out, I will refer to him as Computer Nazi (CN) Just because I wasn't born with a male appendage, DOES NOT MEAN I DO NOT HAVE A FREAKING BRAIN IN MY HEAD!!
As you have all heard me rant before, I am the one that fixes things that break down here. I'm the one that wears nice clothes to work, but ends up crawling in dusty awful places to get things to work. I watch what is happening. I put 2 and 2 together.
I told the CN yesterday that we have a problem with the phone like that the fax, internet and credit card machine are on. This is all because the CC machine was not working. It's a new one and yes it is. After I Im'd him that he was a CN because he wants to "watch" everything we are doing, he never talked to me again.
So I went into my manager this morning, told him I've been watching the computer going down and at the same time one of the guys told me the CC machine was down again. Imagine that. I do have a brain. But alas, manager emails CN, and CN still thinks it's just the CC machine. First of all, get off your lazy ass and make a trip to our location. But he sure started "jumping" when my manager talked to him.
So now, I just got a call from CN saying that I need to call the phone company and get them to test the line. Why you ask? Because he won't get off his ass and come to my location.
Sorry, boring post with a Rant. But I just sometimes get tired of being a woman in a man's world. I want to be appreciated for the brain that I have.