Saturday, September 25, 2010

Field Trip - Beds

Did you all bring your permission slips?  Cuz today we are going on another fun filled field trip to the bed store.  See that sign over there, You Break It, You Buy It.  Please grab your partners hand and don't touch anything.
Our first stop is this luxury bed.  While looking at this bed, I'm hearing Wayne and Garth's, "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy ".  Just wow
For the guy that is a car lover, this one is right up your alley.  hahah, get it, right up your alley. 

 This little number is for the person that never moves during the night.  I'm just thinking, ummm, no.

 Now moving on to the bed that rocks.  Which brings to mind the saying, if the bed is rocking, don't come knocking.  What?

Alrighty then?
I like this next bed.  Its really rather inviting.  But then I've had enough of the campfire smell for awhile.
Now we are moving into the children's department.  All I can say is, where in the heck were these beds when I was growing up, or my kids. 
Ahoy Mattie.  I can totally see my grandson in this bed.  He would love, love, love it. 

 Du-Du, Du-Du, Du-Du (that was the jaws music, in case you didn't catch on)  I want it.  I want all the kids beds, ok.  I won't keep telling you that.

This one brings me back to my lost in space days.  Oh, how awesome would this one have been.

Swiss Family Robinson anyone?  I remember when I was just a wee child, going to Disneyland the first time.  I loved the Swiss Family Robinson House.  Can I just say, this one got me all kinds of excited.
I always wanted a playhouse outside.  But this one is even better.  A playhouse in your own room.  Sigh

Yet another one with a different flavor

Now, because I am awesome, I couldn't leave out all your furry friends.  I present to you, the Pet Bed Department.

For the little woman in your life
And the spoiled man in your life

 This one I just love.  And I don't have any pets.  But hearing about all of your pets that hog up your beds, this one would be perfect.

This concludes another field trip.  You have all be good girls and boys, lets go get ice cream.