Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sneak Peak, Well, What's Your Answer 9.19.10

Ok, I know you are all dying of anticipation, (uh huh, and then I woke up) for this weeks, Well, What's Your Answer. I'm giving you a few questions this week. The link will go up later tonight.
1. What do you think other people think of you? Do you think they see you the way you really are?
2. Have you thought about what you want your epitaph to read?
(a short text honoring a deceased person, strictly speaking that is inscribed on their tombstone or plaque, but also used figuratively. Some are specified by the dead person beforehand, others chosen by those responsible for the burial. An epitaph may be in verse; poets have been known to compose their own epitaphs prior to their death)
K kids, I'm holding my breath, so maybe I better get going on my epitaph.