Friday, October 8, 2010

As The World Turns On The Days Of My Work Life

As I reported Thursday on my post, the transformer blew a leg.  (Wow I bet that hurt. :)
Bloggy friends, This is Brooklyn.  Also known as the mouse exterminator from my mousetails. 
 Brooklyn, these are my bloggy friends.  He says hey.  He is a driver for our company.  He likes to play pranks on everyone.

Being the only gal in the office, it was my responsibility to call the boss that wasn't there yet, and then I got to call the fine people at Rocky Mountain Power.  About an hour after my call, they come driving in.
As they were out working on the problem ever so diligently, I was answering phones.  Now remember, it is dark.  I'm working with the natural cloudy sunlight that is coming through my windows.  After a few hours of them working on it, the phone rings.
I answer is my sweet answering voice. 
Hello ma'am, this is Brad with Rocky Mountain Power.  I'm just calling to see if the power has come on. 
No, it hasn't.
Well, could you please just go over to your light switch and turn it on and off again, and then tell me if they come on.
Get up from my desk, go turn off and on light.  Nothing, Nada, Kaput.  Tell Brad that nope, it's not working.
Well ma'am, could you please just go try it one more time, turn it off, turn it on, turn it off, turn it on.
About this time I'm thinking this guy is wacked.  When I hear him giggling.  I recognize the giggle.  It's Brooklyn.  I hang up on him and he comes in and proceeds to tell the whole company how he pulled one over on me.

Fast forward to Friday morning.  I get to work.  Power is on, but only because the power company had to bring in one of their huge generator things that looks like a big semi-truck.  They still can't figure out where the problem is. 

When the power went out, it decided to play havoc on a lot of our equipment.  One of them being our printer/copier/fax/scanning machine.  This is said machine.  Disregard the little fax machine sitting on it. 

 Being that, say it with me, I'M THE ONLY WOMAN THERE, it is my responsibility to call the fix-it dude.  It's one of those lovely 1-800 numbers.  They want the serial number.  I can't get to the serial number, the MACHINE WON'T COME ON.  Finally after much pulling the machine away from the wall, we find the serial number plate.  Give said information to the customer service girl.  "I will put this on high priority" she says. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting.  Finally go to the bank, get back, more waiting.  Call the 1-800 number again, "haven't heard from the dude", it is now noon.  One PM rolls around.  Phone rings. 
I answer.
Hi, this is Brian with Canon.  I have run some diagnostics over the phone line and would like you to go turn off the machine and turn it back on and see if it works or if it comes up with a different error code. 
Do the walk of agony (since my right leg is still hurting from the falling off the chair incident), turn off the machine, turn it on.  Wait for it to boot up.  Nope same error code.  Walk back to my office, tell Brian that it still has the same code.  Giggling ensues.  That damn Brooklyn, hang up on him.

Walk out to the counter to grab paperwork.  See Brooklyn on a forklift on his phone.  Go back to my desk.  Phone rings. 
May I speak to Dazee please. This is Brett with Canon. 
Ok, I say, not convinced. 
Are you able to go to your copy machine and turn it off and on. 
Ummm, yeah, just a minute.  Hang up on his butt.
Phone rings again.
Dazee, we must have been disconnected.
Oh, I'm sorry (NOT).
I would like to talk you through a process so we can see if I really need to come out there.
Umm, I don't believe you are really from Canon, I say.  He giggles. WTH Brooklyn, I'm gonna hurt you.
No really, I'm with Canon.  If I could just talk you through some things, then if it works it will save you the $175 service charge. 
Whatever, I don't believe you, I say.  (really, I did, it's been a long 2 days)  I have a confirmation number that customer service gave me, what is it, I ask him.  He rattles off some numbers.  Nope not the same as the one I have.  Ha, I've got ya now you little rat bastard. 
Dazee, this really is Brett from Canon.  If you want me to, I will just come out there and charge you the money. 
Fine I say.  But I will have to call you back on my cell because there is no phone in the fax room.  He gives me his number.  I call him back.  I'm standing in the fax room. 
It really is the canon dude.  shit
Tells me that he called while I was gone, and the mean scruffy sounding male voice that answered said he didn't have time to help him. 
That would be scarydude that you've heard so much about.  And he didn't even leave me an email saying Brett had called.  Dumbass.  Not having enough time to turn this button on, depress this button, then these, now this, this and this.  voila, it works. 

I apologized to Brett telling him that not all of 5 minutes earlier, our friend Brooklyn had called and asked me to do the same exact crap, and that Brett had even giggled.   

Brooklyn better watch out.  Paybacks are a bitch.

ps:  I'm gonna give some of the guys I work with girly-girl names, and start calling them that.  Since they can't do the "fix-it" stuff that I end up doing.

pss:  I also sent an email to the boss (since he wasn't there), that since I saved the company $175 on a service call, and FIXED the machine, I deserve the money. 

I'm not holdiing my breath.