Friday, October 15, 2010

What, What, What Does It Mean


I had a movie like dream last night.  Not that this in unusual for me.   When I "watch a movie" during my sleep time, I wake up pretty tired in the morning.  Would you like to "see" my dream.  Grab some popcorn and a soda, sit back in your comfy recliner and enjoy.
The scene starts with me at home, talking to my kids.  Off I go to a place of business.  What said business does, I have no clue, but hell, I'm there.  All of the sudden I remember that I have an appointment with my OB.  Why you ask?  Because I'm freaking pregnant!!(1)  What the?  Grab my cell phone and purse, head out the door, pull the "where in the hell did I park my car" moment, looking, looking, looking.  Holy crap, my car is gone!  No freaking way.  Someone has stolen my grandma car.  Run inside, screaming.  "SOMEONE STOLE MY CAR"!!!!  Call my hubby.  He in turn calls Brooklyn(2) and off they go to find my car.
15 minutes until my appointment.  I've set my appointment card down somewhere.  I ask nicely, has anyone seen my card.  No, they haven't.  Then I say, "well, I need to call and tell them I'm going to be late because you know how those doctors are about missing an appointment".  Ignore, Ignore.  I scream at the top of my lungs, I need a phone book.  Still, ignoring me.  Fine, I decide to just call information to get the number.  Call them, tell them the doctors name, "we have no such listing for that name".  What the?  But I have an appointment card (that I can't find) with his name on it.(3)
Meanwhile, a lady that used to live by us in our old house came in with a bunch of stuff that she was going to do an exhibit on.  She was all prim and proper.(4)  Started telling me to get my stuff out of her road.  Acted all put out by me being there. 
Try calling the hubby, he's not answering his phone. 
And alarm went off. 
What do you think it all means?
(1)  whenever I dream I'm pregnant, someone I know is pregnant.  Please spill it if it is you. :)
(2) Brooklyn of mouse catcher extraordinaire & prankster.
(3)  My OB died about 15 years ago.  He wasn't old, he got throat cancer and yes, I totally had a crush on him.
(4) She does a show on public broadcasting on MANNERS.  Yup, you got it right.  I was switching channels one Sunday when I was bored and there she was, teaching us good manners when going out to dinner.  I know huh.