Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Field Trip - Caskets

How many of you watched The Amazing Race on Sunday?  Raise your hands.  Alrighty then, if you didn't watch it you are really missing out.  They went to Ghana, and one of the tasks they had to do was carry a designer coffin to a showroom.  I have to say, I want to get a casket from Ghana when I die.  What?  We are all going to, we might as well look into our "eternal resting place" furniture.  If you are too grossed out by this field trip girls and boys, you may get a note from your parents saying that you are big wussy babies not able to make it.  For you that are up for the trip, lets begin. 
The first area of the showroom that we are going to is the animal world.  If you are interested in Lions, then this is the casket for you.  Can you say RRRRWWWWWWAAAAAAARRRRRR 

Next to it we have the friendly (or unfriendly) ummm, I'm thinking eagle.  You will be the talk of the town in this one.

Moving into the next area.  If you are a car person, put your seat belt on and settle in for a long drive.
For the traveler, you will be flying high in this airplane model.  Please pass the peanuts.

Next up for the never leave home without it cell phone person, we have this lovely plan for you.  Call everyone you know and tell them how you are doing, wherever you are.  :)

I have to say that this next one is my favorite.  The only thing that would make it even better is if it were a Coke Zero.  I can't even begin to tell you how awesome I think this one is.

Now, if you want just a plain old wood casket, this one is for you.  I might just try to put that on my wish list casket list.  I don't think my family will have to go to Ghana to get it.

But if they just want to put me in a regular ole casket, this is the one I really want.  Just a nice wood casket.  With a 6 pack of Coke Zero at my side. 

Now that wasn't too bad was it.  I thought it was actually a really fun field trip.  And you crybabysissyfaces that didn't go, well you just missed out.

Until Next Time