Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random Thoughts - 10.13.10

Why was it that I was blessed with such a squatty body between my legs and head, so when I put my seatbelt on, it digs into my neck?
Do you think the authorities would be called if I was to go up to ScaryMan and just slug him in the face? (yes, he got on my last nerve Tuesday)
Where the hell is the "mute" button on my cell phone, and how did I push it while calling the alarm company for work?  Yeah, I forgot to do it at work, called to put it on test when I got home, and hit the freaking mute button.  I kept hearing the guy on the other end, ma'am, ma'am can you hear me.  I'm pretty sure the police might have been called to go see if Crazy Dazee was alright.
And one not so random thought.
Why is Machaelle at our corporate location so awesome?  Look what came up on the transfer truck Tuesday.
 Box stuffed with bubble wrap

 What goodie is in store?

Do you see what I see?  (insert Christmas song here) 
It's true my little buck-a-roo's.  LEMON SQUARES!!!!  She made them for little ole me, cuz of the lovely pranks Brooklyn kept playing on me Friday.  Oh sweet lemon bars, at last I've found you.
Be still my heart.