Monday, October 11, 2010

Phones Have Feelings Too

Today I must talk about a very delicate subject. 
The treatment of business phones. 
As I was walking to the fax room today, I happened upon "scarymans" phone.  Huge tears were falling.  Have you ever seen a phone crying?  It's not a pretty sight.   

Scaryman is very abusive to his phone.  He talks very meanly to it, he "hack-hack-hacks" with that annoying smokers cough (I'm hoping that's all it is) straight into it's mouthpiece.  He never gives it a sponge bath.  The poor thing. 
But by far the worst thing he does, is SLAM the poor handset, EVERY SINGLE TIME HE HANGS UP!  I actually hear a little screech everytime he does it. 
Doesn't he realize that a little piece of it's body is damaged each and every time he does that?  Does he not realize that all the phones have a little get together every night when the lights are off.  (geez, has he not seen Toy Story, it happens) 
I'm sorry that I had to bring up such a serious subject, but remember, it hurts too.  It's just trying to do it's job.  I'm fearing a revolt as the phones unite. 
Heaven help us when that day arrives.