Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tag - I'm It

Kimberly at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something just tagged me.  Yes, in the good ole childhood game of Tag, including cooties.  Must....get....cootie....shot.  You better watch out.  I might just get'ya in the end. :)  I must answer the following and then the game continues. 

4 Things in my Handbag:
Insulin Pen
Pictures of my kids and grandkids
4 Things In/On my Desk:
Box of Peaches and Cream Instant Oatmeal
My M&M's insulated coffee mug
My pink shoe tape dispenser
Digital Mail Weigher
4 Favorite Things in my Bedroom:
My computer room off the bedroom
The Waterbed, with fish, dolphins and sharks as per Miss A
The fan over the bed (aahhh, sweat cool air)
My body Pillow
4 Things I Always Wanted To Do (But haven’t yet):
Hawaiian Cruise
Go on all the coolest rollercoasters 
Hire a personal chef (not holding my breath)
Meet some of my blogging friends in person
4 Things I Enjoy Very Much At the Moment:
Reading (especially other blogs)
Instant Messaging with my blogging friends
Did I mention blogging
4 Song I Can’t Get Outta My Head:
 Wonderpets: The Phone Is Ringing
Pink: Rockstar
R. Dean Taylor: Indiana Wants Me (first song I ever remember liking)
Lulu: To Sir With Love
4 Things You Don’t Know About Me:
 Hmmm.  What haven't I told you yet
I would rather make home made spaghetti than get it at a restaurant
I like hot showers, the hotter the better
I might get a streak of purple in my hair the next time I get it colored
I might have to hurt the next man that verbally abuses someone I love
Now’s my turn to tag 4 more blogs…
 Here ya go, now don't be mad if your name isn't here.  You can grab the questions and answer them too. 
Chana at MammaTown
Dawn at What's Around The Next Bend?
Nolie at Nolie's Place
LL Cool Joe at Joey's Pad

And I did get my cootie shot, so you are safe.