Friday, October 1, 2010


First of all, how awesome it this men's restroom!!
Conversation heard by the restroom today. 
Bathroom goer B: Pushes on door, it is locked (just setting the scene). 
Bathroom goer A: Does his duty, flushes urinal (hey, I was in the women's room, shared wall, ok) Unlocks door. 
bgB:  I'm not going to die when I go in there am I? 
 bgA:  No, I didn't do that.

Are you kidding me?  bgB, better know as "scary man" on previous work posts, is the king of stink.  He let the loudest fart I have ever heard yesterday and I'm not even close to his desk.  And apparently it was the smelly variety because the guy in the office by him said, "I'm freaking getting out of here, that is just rank".   Speaking of the urinal, he flushes it like 6 times while he is peeing.  6 TIMES or more, depending on the pee amount.  (don't give me crap, I've shared restroom time with this guy more than once).  This is also the guy that is constantly blowing snot rockets. 

 In other work news, the 3 guys that aren't afraid of mice, weren't here yesterday when the whole hairy mouse situation happened in my office.  My luck, huh.  This morning when I got to work, I saw on the floor by one of the chairs in my office, a small Trix bar that said mouse had found and opened and eaten some of.  Maybe I'm gonna have to stop buying candy for the guys here at work, if they are going to keep dropping it on the floor to help the mouse population thrive. 

Anymousedroppings, here is my week at work in revue. 
Starting last Thursday's mouse adventure that I did as a guest post on Bodacious Boomer.
Then my falling off the chair adventure on Monday.
Tripped up the stairs getting into the building, that I didn't do a post on, yesterday.
Ending with the mouse in my office adventure yesterday.

Here's hoping for a non-eventful weekend.