Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bedhead Dare

Ok, all you that are scared of the world seeing you in all your bedhead glory.  I really want a good amount of you to link up.  So I'm putting it to a vote.

Would you be more apt to link up if I did the actual post for Sunday, Halloween Day, so that you could call it your "scary Halloween look".  I know a lot of you won't do posts on Sunday, but dang, the ole calendar is not our friend for Halloween this year.  So far I've taken 2 pictures and I'm going to continue to take them so I have a few to choose from.  I'm a scary witch (said with my best sassy gay friend voice). 

Notice the capital WILL, you are under my spell, you are very sleepy.  You are taking your pictures.  You want to link up. :)


Which Day WILL You Link Up
Thursday October 28th
Friday October 29th
Saturday October 30th
Sunday October 31st

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PS:  I will put the link up on the night before whatever night you all choose.  Cuz I'm cool like that