Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toenails, It's What's For Dinner

Dear readers, If you get grossed out by sick and wrong things, do not, I repeat, DO NOT go any further.  We have to discuss a very serious matter.  Toes.  More importantly, toenails. 
If you are this weird woman, get yourself to your nearest health clinic.  I mean, really, are you 2?  That is all kinds of sick and wrong.  What is even more sick and wronger is there is another person there watching, see that leg at the bottom.  Maybe they were stuck in an airport or something.  Food can be expensive there.
 I'm thinking, if your toes look like these, it's ok to pop um up there to be eating.
 I'm....just....speechless..........  And love Maya even more for doing my pedicures.  Because I'm sure she has seen feet like the following two pictures and I would be throwing up into the water.  This is why I could never do pedicures on people. 

 And then we have an extreme case of toenails.  That is just wrong.  I mean, at least they are all pretty and stuff, but ummm, yeah, whatever.
 Now these next two are what your toes should look like.  They are all sorts of cute.

At least I ended this post with something nice.  And Maya, if you are reading this, (and I hope you do cuz I'm going to text you this link) You are da bomb.  Thanks for working on ucky toes all day.