Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Day of Whine & Roses

Thursday one of those days.  Let's discuss.  
Get to work.  Make the coffee and my peaches and cream instant oatmeal.  Sit at my desk, read a few blogs, (hey, don't tell the boss), set the cup of cereal to the side.  Stand up, swipe the cup with my hand, spill, spill, spill.  All over the desk, parts of my keyboard, and some of the paperwork.  Great, just great.  Clean it up.
About 9:00 AM bam.  What the hell was that?  Half of the power in the building goes out. Yup, my office being one of them.  Boss isn't there yet.  What you say?  Yeah, I text him, tell him what is going on, he asks me to call the power company because, well, remember I'm the "fix it girl".  Make the call.  One leg of the power going into our building has blown up.  Don't I sound so smart.  Ha, only cuz he told me what to say.  Worked on generators and natural cloudy sunlight all day.  Bathroom breaks included a flashlight.  Good times.
Lunch time.  Decided to just have a cup of instant hearty chicken noodle soup.  We have an "instant hot water dispenser" at work,  so I was able to do it since we didn't have power to the microwave.  Made it.  Sat it on my desk.  Letting it sit there doing the, bam, I'm a noodle thing.  Got up to move.  Hit the cup with my hand.  O-M-H, hearty chicken noodle soup all over my desk and onto the floor.  Have you ever tried to clean up noodles off carpeted floor.  It's so much fun.  You should all try it. 
About an hour later, grabbed my coke zero 10 oz bottle out of my fridge.  Got to my desk, started unscrewing the cap, squirt, spray, all over me.  Nice.  I didn't even shake the stupid thing.  Mike said, well, you should be done now, since things happen in threes.  Thanks Mike.  I needed that boost of confidence.
But now the exciting news.  Remember in my post the other day when I said I might get a streak of purple in my hair.  Well, I did one better.  Ta-da.......

I am so excited.  Got my hair cut and colored the Wednesday.  I asked about the purple streak.  They don't have "just a purple".  But, omg, I just can't stand it, they had a red that is 2 shades darker than what I usually go with,violet.!!  You really can't see the violet unless it hits the sun or lighting just right.  Be still my beating heart.  Tell me what you think.  Just remember, don't hurt my feel-goods.  Be gentle if you don't like it.  

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better one.