Monday, October 25, 2010

Drivers Ed 101 - Class 2

By popular demand, the following post MUST be sung to the tune of
(lalalalalala, just loosening up the ole vocal chords)
Counting down, in 3...2....1
Just sit right down and today you'll learn
What not to do on the road
And if you do not listen well
I'll turn you into a toad.  

The first guy that you'll learn about
Is "I'm so Sexy" dude
His jeep all jacked up oh so high
He's showing so much 'tude, he's showing so much 'tude.

The weather started going drip
The wipers did go swish
Miss Jeep lady wanted to keep them on
More rain was her big wish, more rain was her big wish.

The road's not safe, from a dude like this
With lumber not strapped down
 He's making sharp turns
And changing lanes
Not signaling.....for his life
We're going to die
From the boards and all the rest
Here on the old freeway!
Commercial Break.
Now break is over, I must say
We have a few more notes
Get out your paper everyone
Watch out for the boats.

Our next dude is not very bright
I've got a lot to say
Playing chicken with a truck
Could make you dead today.

Fast lane, then next, then the slow lane
Honking by big truck
On to the off-ramp in front of me
I almost hit your butt.

Big Finish

This is the end of this weeks class
I'm sure you had such fun
Learning what your shouldn't do
In Drivers Ed Two Oh One!!!!!

Till next class this is

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